Sunday, April 23, 2006

Twins @ White Sox 4.23.06

Sunday afternoon Jim Thome finally didn't score, he had a sac fly and hit a couple of high fly outs, but he didn't score. Juan Uribe scored, as did most of the bottom part of the lineup. Even Brian Anderson joined the party with a line shot right over the CF wall.

The story is that Uribe worked on shortening his swing in BP yesterday and apparently it worked. His two HRs we're #1 and #3 in terms of positive gain in Win Expectancy, with Joe Crede's HR sandwiched in between. For those wondering, the Sox are tied for 10th in team HRs at 25.

Until Uribe's second blast on Sunday, the game was actually pretty close. Silva wasn't exactly dominating early on, but the Sox weren't exactly taking advantage of what they were getting. Thome's sac fly in the 3rd was in fact a negative WPA event. If you look at the second graph, the middle of the line up: JT, PK, JD and AJ all had a negative WPA for the game. It's obviously encourging to see the others step up.

The Sox are off to Seattle Mon-Wed. and I'll be happy if I can log at least one of the late games.


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