Saturday, April 22, 2006

Twins @ White Sox 4.22.06

Couple quick notes about last nights game:
1. After nearly a quarter decade of attending sporting events I finally made it on to the Jumbotron. We made it to our seats just after the top of the first and after Johan Santana made quick work of the Sox in the bottom half, we were the first people shown on the first "Fan Cam" of the night...I can now die a happy man.

2. From our seats it was hard to get the full effect of Jim Thome's HR swing. After they showed the replay 35 times, it was impressive to see the strength he put behind the swing.

3. It was "Dog Day" maybe "Dog Night"? Either way there were no fireworks because of the dogs in the stadium. :Thumbs down

Do yourself a favor and toss on "Grillz" from Nelly while you read the rest of this, just for Jermaine Dye. (His at-bat intro that pops into my head anytime he comes to the plate)

Tonight's game was another pretty predictable game Win Expectancy wise. I'm sure most people could have drawn a similar graph by hand if they watched the game. Another early home run for the White Sox, good pitching from Freddy Garcia and another HR from Thome, just for good measure. Brad Radke and the Twins bullpen got hit hard all night.

Randomness: Not a whole lot else to say. Rob Mackowiak looked absolutely lost in CF on the double by Mauer in the first. Without officially checking, I think this was the first game that Thome's WPA has been below 0.000. Also Boone Logan couldn't locate the plate. At this point, Birmingham or Charlotte has to be more helpful than the work he's getting on the South Side.

Below the normal graph you'll see that I'm trying out a new graph tonight that will plot the White Sox player's individual WPA. If anyone has any suggestions on how to make it look nicer, PLEASE leave a comment. I messed with Excel for awhile and just stuck with this.

Hopefully tomorrow's game will be a bit closer so I have more to comment on. Not that I'm not okay with games like tonight.


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