Friday, April 14, 2006

Blue Jays @ White Sox 4.14.06

An ugly game for almost everyone in a White Sox uniform not named Ozuna or Crede. The Blue Jays lineup killed Javier Vazquez and seemed to capitalize on almost every one of his mistakes. To give them a little more credit, they were even hitting some of Vazquez' best stuff. During and after the game I am sure a lot of people were singling out Cliff Politte for his performance. While he obviously did nothing to help, he didn't hurt the team as much as Vasquez or Brian Anderson. Anderson stepped to the plate with the bases loaded twice and managed to strike out AND hit into a double play. On a positive note, Joe Crede and Pablo Ozuna looked good at the plate...proving that is possible for someone other than Jim Thome to do something with a bat in their hand.
(It should be noted that as I write this Paul Konerko has hit 2 HR off AJ Burnett today, Saturday)

No logs for the holiday weekend; back Monday with the Royals in town.

Top 3 +/- White Sox WPA Events:

1. Ozuna 2-Run Double - 2nd inning .179 WPA
2. Konerko Solo HR - 2nd inning .096 WPA
3. Cintron Single - 5th inning .077 WPA

1. Glaus 2-Run Double - 5th inning (.253) WPA
2. Hillenbrand 2-run HR - 2nd inning (.166) WPA
3. Wells 2-run HR - 7th inning (.123) WPA

Top 3 +/- WPA - White Sox Players:

1. Crede .159
2. Ozuna .116
3. Cintron .088

1. Vazquez (.446)
2. Anderson (.212)
3. Politte (.188)


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