Wednesday, April 26, 2006

4.25 - White Sox @ Mariners

Yes, Jermaine, the graph is correct. Neither of your home runs helped the least WPA-wise.

The game got out of hand, early. Looking at both graphs you'll notice that most of the Sox' offensive explosion, at least after Joe Crede's HR, didn't mean a whole lot to the Win Expectancy.

I went ahead and noted the top positive events on the graph. I could have used 4 pt. font, but decided that labeling the 43 HRs hit between the 5th-9th wasn't necessary.

Javier Vazquez, who was once again dominating, led the team in WPA. Followed by Paul Konerko and Brian Anderson. You may be rubbing your eyes at Anderson's bar...but remember that WPA does include fielding and his part in the Lopez/Ichiro double up line-out in the 1st made up most of his WPA.

Tonight's game starts in 10 mins, so I will leave you with one last thought:
Boone Logan earned a save last night and if you haven't seen it, Cheat does a nice job explaining it all over at South Side Sox.


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