Tuesday, April 25, 2006

4.24 White Sox @ Seattle

...or how staying up to finish logging the game + high winds/rain all night made me miserable all day today.

Speaking of Seattle, special thanks to Starbucks for keeping me going today.

It doesn't take Peter Gammons to tell you that Monday's line-up was a joke. This was pretty much the White Sox B- squad out there. Pablo Ozuna, Alex Cintron and Rob Mackowiak all started. Chris Widger apparently is Ozzie's doghouse if he couldn't pull a starting slot at catcher.

Garland settled down after the first inning and looked good through 7. He allowed the Mariners to tie it up in the bottom of the 7th, leading many to question Ozzie's decision to leave him out there in the 8th. Ibanez had hit Garland hard all game. If we're going to put faith in the bullpen, why not show it?

Three final comments before disecting the graphs...

1. How long until Brian Anderson is playing in Safeco full time?? 3 of his 4 career HRs are in Seattle (yes, I know, sample size). He also made a couple of nice plays in the field. Over at South Side Sox, The Wimperoo, who was at the game, commented that Brian made a couple of hot shots look routine on TV.

2. What happened on the last play of the game? Some might disagree with the next comment, in fact I know at least 2 people who have disagreed with this already. I watched the replay at least 5-6 times and each time it appeared as though Scott Podsednik didn't put it in "6th gear" when charging the ground ball. Also, he showed off the liability that is his arm. I think 95% of White Sox fans knew the throw wouldn't even be close once he got to the ball. Now I'm not saying that Ozuna or who ever else could have been in left would have done things differently, just saying I'm not a big of as fan as some.

3. How many times did Hawk yell "stretch" last night? On just about every ball hit remotely close to the track he started yelling. I know this isn't anything new, but he seemed to have taken it to a new level last night.

If I stay awake I'll have tonights game posted after work tomorrow. On to the graphs:

By far this is the most interesting graph to date. I anticipate most games to look like this, as we're not going to win/lose each game by 5+. Obviously dead even going into the top of the 8th and then a HUGE swing as Ibanez and Anderson each homered.

Top 3 + Events:
1. Anderson's HR, 9th Inning, +.362
2. Mackowiak scoring on WP, 2nd Inning, +.094
3. Thome's Double, 1st Inning, +.084

Top 3 - Events:

1. Betancourt's Single, 11th Inning, -.385
2. Ibanez HR, 8th Inning, -.265
3. Ichiro's Single, 7th Inning, -.119

The Individual WPA graph is pretty self-explanatory:


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