Thursday, April 20, 2006

4.19 Revisited

Yesterday was the Javier Vazquez show (yes, I know, against the Royals). Vazquez looked strong through 8 and didn't need much defensive help behind him.

Very little going on again in this game. Juan Uribe's first HR & Seth Elarton's wildness = White Sox victory. As a whole the White Sox didn't take advantage of what Elarton was giving them. Even with the ball all over the place there were a few at bats that left me shaking my head. Sox paitence at the plate has been okay so far, but there were too many PA where they were swinging at the first pitch.

Tomorrow is Mark B. vs. Johan Santana!

Final note: Yesterday's game, a 1:05 PM start, earned a 10 share in the ratings!

Top 3 Plays:

1. Uribe's HR, 5th inning, +.100 WPA
2. Elarton's WP, 2nd inning, +.075
3. Dye's HBP, 5th inning, +.052

Top 3 Players:

1. Vazquez: +.366
2. Uribe: +.078
3. Dye: +.062


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