Thursday, April 20, 2006

4.17.06 Revisited

I'm sure 3 days removed there are not a whole ton of people that care about a blowout against KC, but I'm keeping to my word and posting it anyway.

A solid outing for Jose Contreras, the first of three for Sox pitching in this series. The staff combined for a 1 hitter.

As fun as it is to see Thome absolutely mash the ball, it's always good to see someone else step up (that is if they're going to live by the long ball again). Konerko and Crede took Mays deep in the first and the Sox added a few more runs as the game progressed.

There really isn't a whole lot to say about this game, as you'll see via the graph and players WPA:

Top 3 Plays:
1. Konerko's 3 Run HR; 1st inning; +.197 WPA
2. Crede's 2 Run HR; 1st inning; +.103
3. Iguchi's single; 1st inning; +.022 (seriously, this was #3)

Top 3 Players:
1. Paul Konerko: +.197 WPA
2. Joe Crede: +.105
3. Jose Contreras: +.075 (thanks to the instant offense, Jose didn't have to do much the rest of the game)


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